Digital Transformation

For the past six years, one of the hottest destinations for corporate strategy has been digital transformation and continuous deployment strategies, which is similar to trekking to Mt. Everest in the transformation sense.  

Mt. Everest is the kind of place that very few people are able to fully commit.  And, there are two options when you visit Everest - hike to Base Camp or climb to the summit.  

The most challenging part of the journey is the strategy that needs to be implemented, resources that need to be committed and the foundational 'gear' that needs to be packed.  

"All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful in the end."
- Robin Sharma

Change is hard and planning for a new type of change is even harder and more costly.  

How to plan before you start?

With everything, planning and alignment is the key to success.  We have compiled a packing list of questions to help you plan.    

  • What is the goal of your transformation?  
  • Is there alignment on the value your organization delivers?
  • How consistent is your customer experience across all your channels?
  • Are key stakeholders (CEO, CIO, CTO, CPO, CMO) aligned on the strategy?
  • Are there any competing priorities?
  • What is the definition of success for the transformation?

What is the takeaway?

Planning for a major transformation, takes a significant amount of thought to ensure everyone is committed to the same goal and is aware of what they need to plan for in advance of the trip.  

How can Whim-Detroit help?

At Whim-Detroit, we are passionate about adventure, transformations, creative projects and helping our clients achieve their goals.  We collaborate on the destination, timeline or roadmap, local secrets and the packing list so everyone feels comfortable with the journey.  


We would love to hear your tips on how you have engaged with leadership and navigated the culture challenges during your digital transformation adventure.